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Razorwing Titania falls through floor in indoor Index after turning in points


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As Titania in the indoor Index map, now and then when I'd turn points in while in Razorwing, I'd spawn inside objects. Usually, I'd be able to extricate myself eventually, but one time I didn't. I ended up falling through space, infinitely. There was no way back. Unstuck failed. I seemed to be going in an eternal loop, spawning above this golden object that seemed to have my whole team in it. But even when I tried to fly into it, all I got was some Corpus Gas Planet-ish gas and machinery. No way to access my team. This continued for over a full round of High Index. My fall speed sped up tremendously over time. When I talked my team into extracting for my sake, Titania reappeared in the arena during the mission results screen.


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