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Stover Markings Appearing Overground in One Spot


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Okay, I've been trying to hunt stovers since they came out, and while it isn't... too often a problem, I have noticed one location in specific where Stover poop and ONLY Stover poop appears.


It's always right here, near the Orokin dig site. It's even got a Stover paw on it.



But oddly enough, when I follow the trail for a couple feet, the game... Stops tracking the Stover altogether.



This has happened at least three times with me, and every time I forget until I get to the cave system it's above lol

Is anyone else having this issue, or do Stovers enjoy pranks as well?

Edit: I noticed the images broke, hopefully this works now.

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I'm gonna  explain with slightly more detail, partially because what I explained seems a little more vague now that I'm reading it back, and mostly because it happened again.


n0ti8pP.jpgThe Stover mark is positioned right on top of this cave near the Orokin Digsite.

YlwIWlx.jpgHowever, upon going inside, the marking is positioned in a location that is impossible to reach in the cave itself.

Stover markings have a tendency to mark the cave entrance that it's in, rather than the position of the marking itself, definitely for player convenience. However, not only is this one Stover marking is on above of the cave it's supposed to be in, it's marked in the location relative to its spot in the cave.


And thus, confused Stover.


I dunno why, but all these footprints go away from the cave to that rocky incline to the right before stopping altogether.


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