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[PC][Clan] Nomf is recruiting!


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Clan Nomf is a Rank 10 Shadow Clan with all research complete, except for a few of the colors. I am currently MR 26, and often help players both new and old with farming of any sort, obtaining platinum/learning how to utilize the market, and basically anything you might need in the game!

My wfie and I started playing around 5 months ago, and since then have stormed through most of the content this game has to offer, and at this point we find it most enjoyable to just help others out. We are group of mostly furries that play daily, and looking to expand to offer our assistance to other players! We also allow others to decorate rooms in the dojo if they'd like to have fun with that aspect, but as it stands my wife and I fund most of that.

If you'd like to join the clan, you can send either myself, or my wife a message in game, or on discord! My name in game is ZeroShork, and my wife's name is Endrawr, and our discord usernames are: Zero#0614 | Endra#9620

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