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Cerberus Warframe idea


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(If you see anything here that you like, feel free to take the idea and use it in your own concept ^_^)

If im not mistaken, Cerberus is a big gaurd dog that belongs to a being named Hades who is sort of an evil mage. So for this warframe i plan to make it tanky (because Cerberus is a big guard dog) and have some crowd control (Using the dark magic he most likely possess from being the pet of hades to explain where his crowd control abilities are coming from).

I always like to talk about abilities and stats only so here we go!

Level 30 stats:

400 health

250 shields

400 armor

250 energy

Passive: Cerberus has a damage cap meaning he can not lose more than 200 shield and health in 1 second. If an enemy or enemies deal damage above that within the time, the rest of the damage will be ignored.

1st ability: Tap the ability button to switch between 3 different heads.

- The 1st head will grant the player more offensive abilities increasing the players damage by 50% to all sources and movement speed by 25%

- The 2nd head will grant the player more defensive abilities allowing the player to heal by 50% of the damage they have recieved to shields or health. Health will be the only thing that is healed and it wil be granted to the player over 2 seconds.

- The 3rd head will increase the players awareness. Enemies and loot will be highlighted on the map to the player and nearby allies while nearby loot will be automatically pulled to Cerberus.

2nd ability: Cerberus unleashes a fiery roar that will cause gas, blast, or radiation damage that will each be activated if the 1st, 2nd or 3rd head is being used respectively (So the 1st Cerberus head will deal gas damage, etc).

3rd ability: Cerberus seperates himself from his other two heads that he isnt currently using. They become transparent like specters of kubrows but with a long tail. A single specter will die for 1min only if Cerberus loses all his health, returning the specter to Cerberus and maxing his health back up. The specters will be using claw attacks and occasionally blow out fire. (Ability last for 40 seconds)

4th ability: (Can utilize kubrow animations for this ability. All attachment cosmetics, syndana cosmetics, and weapons are hidden while the ability is active) Cerberus transforms into 4 legged, dog like monster that the same height as a normal warframe. His weapons are holstered while this ability is active. Here the players normal attacks do something different. This ability only loses energy from using one of 2 attacks.

- The shoot button now causes Cerberus to breathe out fire just like his second ability except the damage and range is increased. If cerberus is not using his 2nd ability, his damage will deal 20% health as damage ignoring armor but not shields (10 energy per second) 

- The roll button causes Cerberus to leap instead of roll to the distance that a normal roll would. When cerberus lands enemies within 10m of cerberus will be knocked down, damaged, and set on fire. (20 energy)

- The melee button will cause Cerberus to eat an enemy, instantly killing them, and gain 50 energy if the button is held down or swipe with his claws which will stagger enemies and possibly cause slash procs. Cereberus can only eat an enemy once every 10 seconds as he needs time to digest them. These attacks cost 0 energy.

- Cerberus and nearby allies will also have their shield regeneration delay cut by 75% and have their shield regeneration increased by 35%

Unfortunately cerberus cannot jump while this ability is active but he makes up for it with damage and crowd controlling abilities!


So, what do you think? I made a warframe like this a long time ago but i believe i asked for it to be deleted or something. 


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