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Kicked from party on the Index, everything breaks


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So I was running a high risk index (because I got a booster for login reward + double credit weekend for 1mil/round) and we were just about to finish round 17, when I get host migrated. Everyone else is still in a party together except me. I end up in a match by myself, with no enemies spawning. So now I'm sitting here like "well crap, I guess I'm waiting 2 hours for the timer to count to 0.


So then I realised something: "Those lazer things deal damage, what if I stand in it, die, and hopefully get either a green thing I forgot the name of, or maybe even make the game realise it should start spawning in enemies. I do that, and then this happens:


So now I'm going to try turning off my internet and reconnecting, hoping it doesn't completely dc me, but by the looks of things I'm not getting my rewards like this. Because it won't let me respawn, there is no way it'll let me get mission rewards, so I'll see how it goes... I'll update the thread once I've done it... 

F. M. L.

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I tried to quickly DC, where the chat disconnected and all (tested on discord with a clan mate), but nothing changed to the game. I then tried a longer DC, where I was logged out, and lost all the progress I'd previously done. There goes an hour, and almost 17 million credits down the drain...


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