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Titania the LOLs are everywhere.

(XBOX)Aquarii Ptosi

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Welp DE Titania seems like a bit of a bust but here I am.. yet again... hoping you'll stop listening to casuals and listen to someone that plays titania almost exclusively....


She needed a legitimate rework but I'm going to make the smallest QoL change possible to fix your problem hopefully.


Make make Razorwing modable (separately like Dex Pixia an Diwata) with Companion mods and make it count as a companion mode aswel.

This would actually address almost all of her kits issue and make tribute make sense. And kinda worth it.

If a player chooses to use beast mods for health it would make titania have 1300 health effective making her tanky-ish and allowing her to gain the beast abilities every few seconds or while tribute us active.

And the same would be true for Setinal player. She would have 740 health (using her current base stats as a companion stats) but gain access to vacuum even primed regen and detect vulnerability it would actually kind be worth it.


Lastly. For how their weapon mods/beast mods could affect Razorwing (if at all)

Beast DMG mods could increase razorflie damage while sentinel mods could increase Dex Pixia / Diwata  dmg but I dont much care for this interaction but i do think you guys really dropped the ball on this one.. *cried in limbo tears*



Also for those of you who tell me to test it... I'm a console player I dont get to test these things so yeah I need to add my feedback sooner rather than later.



Hey here's another idea. Let us get an extra exilius slot or two an put companion mods in it. 


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