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Quick suggestion for new Frost passive ability


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It's me again, back and more vocal than ever.

The title says it all. Frost right now has this passive ability:

Cryogenic - Enemies that hit Frost with a melee attack have a 10% chance to be frozen solid.

As fast paced as this game has gotten since it's humble beginnings when Stamina was a thing, this effect is completely unused in practically any situation. And even if it was used, the chance to trigger it is so abysmally low that it might as well not even be there.

As I did with Ember in another post, I would like to suggest a new passive ability to bring Frost's entire kit to proper relevancy:

Cryogenic (still same name) - Frost is constantly emanating an aura of cold around him, displayed as a Temperature meter on his HUD. It starts at 70º F and is reduced whenever Frost casts an ability (higher costing abilities will reduce temperature faster). If Frost doesn't cast abilities within 10 seconds, temperature will start climbing back to normal levels. At 35º F or lower, enemies within 5 meters of Frost will start being slowed and, if they stay within this range for long enough, will freeze completely solid. At 10º F or lower, all of Frost's weapons will gain an added 100% Cold damage boost to their attacks. Allies within 5 meters of Frost will share 50% of this boost. At 0º F, casting his ultimate "Avalanche" will also instantly kill any enemy below 50% HP and reset temperature back to normal.

Scary wall of text, I know, but bear with me. This is probably a simpler concept than Nidus' passive ability. It's thematic and has multiple useful effects that will always help Frost and his allies. Some of the temperature thresholds might need some more calculating as does the energy spent/temperature lowered ratio.

Frost is already a very useful Warframe with a clear place in the meta, of that there is no doubt. But having one part of his kit just sit there without use, to me is more bothersome than I'd like to admit. This should round out Frost's kit and make him even better and more versatile than he already is. It's not necessary, by any means, but it would be nice to have.

Quick post that I remembered to post. Hopefully it'll make sense to all.

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I'd rather have him get the ice/cold eximus aura even if it's just a 5m-8m radius.

Because when you freeze an enemy they become immune to status which will pretty much negate the effects of other status effects and the usefulness of condition overload.

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