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Tenno Color 'Season Pass'


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I was recently experimenting with the Tenno color palettes by using the default colors of Warframes on different skins, when I realized something interesting. Only recently was the second Tenno palette was released, and that was just because of Revenant's introduction. And considering how its ordered from release date (as the previous was alphabetically ordered), I realized that meant people were probably waiting up to 4 years to get the colors of specific Warframes. It made me wonder if whether or not its worth waiting for another 18 (technically 16 now) Warframes to be added to get the third version, when I thought of an idea that may sound a bit controversial. 

So, what if they were to make a Tenno III color palette right now (or when 5 or 7 Warframes in total have been released since) and have it so that it gets updated whenever a new Warframe gets released. This way people can not only get new colors as new frames are being added, but it also makes it easier for DE as they don't have to hold onto the colors for an unknown amount of time. The price could also be slightly reduced so people don't have to worry about spending 75 plat on a very small amount of colors from the beginning. 

I feel like the only main problem about doing this, is that it makes DE have to promise that they are going to have 54 Warframes in total in order to have a complete palette. And that is a pretty large number compared to how much possible content they are going to have in between those frames. It could be another 4 or more years until that number is reached, and that may be too much of a long wait time, not just for one's patient but also for one's investment into this 'season pass'. 

I know it might seem off putting to buy 'promised' content, but I can see this working to a certain extent if handled properly. 

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