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Craftable Warframes?


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Hi All,

Basically when Fortuna was revealed to have craftable moa companions my mind jumped to having craftable warframes. Where each part of the warframe corresponds to an ability slot.

This may have an impact on DE's cycle of release a frame and later on prime frame. However, I am asking for the ability to create warframes with general abilities.

Choices of body parts (an example for an ability slot)

Stealth (Invisibility for ex. Loki's invisibility) 

Tank (95% dmg reduction for ex. Gara's splinter storm)

Buff (damage increase for ex. Mesa's shooting gallery )

Debuff (reduces enemy Shield and/or armor for ex. Nyx's psychic bolts) 

Health (heal yourself and allies for ex. Trinity's blessing) 

Defense (protective area for ex. Frost's bubble)


Basically you can mishmash any kind of abilities together from current warframes.

Excluding anything with meters obviously like nidus or baruuk. Other things that will be excluded are exalted weapons. Unless DE could find a way to choose what kind of exalted weapon you could get. Though most people would go for a primary or secondary anyway. Maybe certain combos like invisibility and 95% damage reduction cause that would probably impact Ash and Loki mains.

Health, armor, energy and speed of warframe would depend on how much of each type of part you choose.

This is probably a terrible idea but games like fortnite (don't play it but wanted to say this) are allowing their community to create a map then they will import that map into the game. I was thinking since Warframe is a game about warframes (and operators) we could be given a chance to create our own. Instead of doing concepts that will more or less never be realized except Nova obviously. There is also the requesting of changes to current warframes that have not been looked into  (for ex. Vauban for Rahetalius) as well. 

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