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Warframe Lóng (Loong)


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Dragon koi, firework/blast themed warframe. 


Passive: Lucky

    +8% base critical chance to yourself and allies within affinity range. 

1: Armor rockets

    6/12/18/24 armor piercing rockets are prepared adorning your shoulders. At the cost of 3/6/9/12 energy. 

These rockets have a 2second wait in between launches. They fire at a direct location your firing your guns. Direct hits are armor stripping at 10% per hit. Provides normal blast procs and reduce armor at 2.5%.


2: Ancient firecracker

    For 5/10/20/35 seconds enemies and slow projectiles that are within 1.5 meters will be struck by a exploding spectral dragon capable of striking every 5 seconds. 12/24/36/48 energy

Uses a portion of your equipment melee weapons damage. 


3: Cryotic blast

    Fires a large rocket at designated location igniting a cold/knockback bomb effect prolonging enemies air time. Costs 15/30/45/60 energy. 


4: Grand Finale

    Pull out a large exaulted firework blaster, firing blast sparklers, rockets, fireballs, and cryotic grenades, kills hahave a chance to summon for work specter momentarily firing a blaster at nearby enemies. Costs 1/2/3/5 energy per second. And gradually costs more. 

  Overheat effect. Once this weapon reaches a150% energy consumption cost, and you either run out of energy or unequipt it, you receive a overheat buff, causing all other abilities to add fire damage on top of their original elements and damage. When enemies are killed with this fire they may explode. 


1 & 3 damage are effected by exaulted weapon mods. 

  I was inspired by the already existing Chinese warframes, Gyrados/Magicarps dragon like aspects, and the lack of a explosive theme Warframes. 

I would like to see a warframe with large wiskers on its face, respectively like Wukongs and Ash Primes head ornaments. 


I think a bottle rocket throwing weapon could be cool also, even if blast isn't that great at the moment. 

Oh and a 'cyotic' speargun weapon with cold & blast separately could be fun. 


Well here is my pitch. Just wish I had a decent art program to give rough idea of what it could look like. 


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