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Forums do not load.


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When I click the community button on warframe.com, the forums are not loading. I get a blank page. Trying to go straight to the forums is also not loading the forums either. Just another blank page. This happened earlier this week and I couldn't load the forums for 2 days. It worked fine for 2 days and again today, the forums will not load. I can load individual forum pages as that is how I managed to get here to post this. But can't get the the regular opening forum page at all. Is anyone else experiencing this issue ? I don't believe it is on my side since I am here posting this but anything is possible. Warframe.com loads fine, I can sign in no issues, but trying to get to the forums is a no go at the moment. Any ideas much appreciated. I will bookmark this page in hopes at least it will load to check on replies. Thanks.

Also, if I click the warframe symbol at the top of the forum page, it just gives me a blank page as well.

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42 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

If the forums aren’t loading how did you post this?

As I said, I got here by loading another post I found. Under the search bar, there is the ( Home > Community > General  Discussion > topic of post ). I loaded the individual post and then I clicked on General Discussion which opened that page and was able to post this. But If I click on the Home button which should load the forum home page, I get nothing but a blank page. I can also click on the Community button and it will load but it does not go to the forum home page. For what ever reason, I can't get to the forum home page. It will not load at all.

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