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Strange Planet System Bug


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 Few hours ago I decided to go on for mobile defense on Kappa. I was connected with some random player, who was a host. However, he decided to leave the lobby before the mission started and I received common notice " unable to connect with host" or something like taht .... but that was not the problem. Main problem occured later when I decided to choose Kappa once again for matchmaking. I couldn't join this mission ( I just clicked "Kappa" and nothing, no mission screen, I was still in the lobby). Same was with other missions on Sedna and other planets ( I changed planets without backing to solar map).

 Seems like problem was fixed after leaving lobby and returning to menu(Solar map). It's no big deal 'coz problem haven't repeated for me yet, but it looked pretty annoying. Dunno how to call this, maybe someone had similiar problem, I just wanted to note this. 

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