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Frame drop in one particular place in Neso (Neptune)


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there seems to be some sort of hidden object which is eating frames for breakfast in Neso (Neptune). Here is the screenshot:


This is exact position and angle which drops framerate to 20fps, as you can see at the bottom left corner. If I turn a bit left or the right, framerate comes back to normal 144fps. Its not single occurrence. I noticed it before, only today I stopped to investigate the slowdown.

PC specs:

Core i7 5930k@4ghz

16Gb of DDR4 RAM

Radeon Vega 64 LE


300mbps fibre

Win 10 Home 64bit with all the latest bugs installed

Game is Steam version. I'm playing on 1440p resolution, and game runs 144fps limited without any issues (except the obvious places).

Before I always thought that frame twitching was due to further map being generated on the go, as I noticed these random twitches on other maps, but now when I discovered this, I will have to further investigate other tilesets as well, when I get a chance.

I hope devs will have a look. I will post more if/when I find other places (if)


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