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Archguns: Very Satisfying, But With One Exception


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So I earned my archgun launcher from the event, and then I equipped the gravimag to my Grattler.  I took it to a regular mission off Fortuna, and it was love at first sight.  It feels really powerful, and the explosions when the projectiles make contact with anything they touch are wonderful.


You all did a really nice job on the archguns!

My only problem is the five minute cool-down period.  I agree that archguns should have a delay time.  The wait makes the weapon usage feel more "special" and not getting tired of it too quickly.  But can we at least shorten it?  Five minute cool-downs feel so long in fast-paced combat, and it also makes for extremely slow leveling after applying forma .  Maybe a two minute cool down would be good?

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