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Switch Tenno Gen (not asking when just an idea)


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So I'm assuming due to switch shop the not letting you have discounts and what not so you add the 50% off to the shop items rather then the purchase of plat like PC.

So this idea happened upon me while debating with my Clan mate for a tenno gen implementation. How about a way to buy it from the site itself and getting a one time use code, for the tenno gen items we can put into the market place. Being a PC player for 5 years now I'm really missing my Fashion frame very much as I've started new on the switch. While yes i love all the deluxe skins and have them all on PC i still also have a ton of tenno gen and just thought this might be an easy way to put it in all platforms for the future as well. Then this would also allow friends to gift tenno gen times to each other.


Side note

I wish there was separate packs for Prime as I really wanted novas armor but no go so again my idea for a code from main site would work.

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