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banned from chat for no reason, ignored while asking why banned


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was just banned in russian region chat (i know, noone cares about non-english chats).

did nothing. like ABSOLUTELY nothing.

when i whispered to moderator he ignored me all along.

i just wondering if this is ok.

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8 минут назад, Ksaero сказал:

So you don't even talk in chat and get banned? That's weird.

i did talk.

by nothing i meant no chat rules violation.

if being specific - someone said that he likes koppra set on operator. i asked - oh, do you like it too?

then i got banned.


i mean. whatever, i know that noone will unban me (obviously). im only curious is it worth  to chat in Chat at all.

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Unfortunately, support isn't willing to look into temporary punishments, even if to explain why an action was taken.
And it's not uncommon that moderators aren't willing to explain the reasons behind chat kicks or suspensions. (in the NA server at least)

The most one can do in such a situation is to provide feedback about the errors of such a system, and hope the the upcoming moderator changes fix such issues.

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