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New Weapon Stats: Stopping Power and Suppression


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Was originally going to call this Impact and Suppression, but Impact is a damage TYPE so it wouldn't work as well. Basically, my thoughts on this came about during two parts. Firstly, when a friend of mine said that they had stopped playing because enemies rarely felt like they had BEEN hit, and secondly, when I was using the Gorgon on an earth defense map (you know the one, tall ringed platform with lots of tunnels and kill zones the grineer just rush into).

Stopping Power: A function that is calculated (in the most basic sense) by taking impact and dividing it by the sum of slashing and piercing (but possibly the sum of all other damage types). This decimal represents a percentage chance for enemies who are struck to flinch (at a value below 1.00), stagger (at values between 1.00 and 2.00) and be knocked back (at values between 2.00 and 3.00). Obviously this is just a super crude value I've come up with on the spur of the moment, but the basic idea is to have weapons have some WEIGHT to them and FEEL like they have some weight to them, especially high impact weaponry like hammers, shotguns, etc.


Suppression: A new value that represents a radius around the projectile that if an enemy comes into it, will cause the enemy's AI to try and AVOID it, going for the nearest bit of cover, or ducking down, generally slowing down and trying to make themselves less of a target, would probably be measured in centimeters, and is meant to represent the effect of having something like a LMG, which exists specifically for the purpose of creating supression fire (or mowing down hordes of people too stupid to get out of the way) would have an enemies, with them treating it far more seriously than say, a revolver.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism?

I don't play a lot of conclave, so really not sure what effect, if any, these should have in PvP, but I'd really appreciate the PoV of somebody who DOES do a lot of conclave on how, for example, suppression fire might function in it.

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