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New Amp set up


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So I was looking at the the new amps, and I noticed that Brace 6 and Scaffold 6 held the most practical. So I did some changing around builds from the most normal used one by folks doing Eid Hunts. So I went with the 2x6x6 build. With the 2 having the highest CD outcome of all the prism, and having a 56% cc with this all being gilded of course. Now the 6 scaffold drops basically how the description sounds like an land mind which I feel may, or may not be tricky to use on the Eid Brothers though considering they are walking wouldn't be much a problem it does 9k void damage plus a 50% cc/ 2.0x cd. Now the CC is effected by the 6 tier Bracer which by what i read a flat increase of 20% could be wrong. I was wondering with my little finding anyone else think this could be solid to speed up the fight damage wise.


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