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Black hole in Orb Vallis Transit Depot


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Not sure if i should have posted this in the Map Holes post, though I dropped a comment linking this as well as this is not only visual but gamebreaking as well.


I was using Titania capturing the Transit Depot in Orb Vallis when I suddenly fell fast to the ground and got stuck there in an animation loop, UI went crazy and almost dissapeared and couldnt move or shoot or do anything really. I tried the unstuck command but that didnt work, then i noticed I could actually move though really slowly, I drag myself to the nearest depresion i could see on the floor to see if maybe that would get me unstuck, thats when I noticed a hole in the map, and then immediately fell through it. After falling below the map y respawned at the entrance to the elevator as expected and tried to go back using the archwing, with the same results, even the k-drive is sucked and stuck to the floor. The archwing was the worst of them all, as I would start getting crush damage until dead. More details in the screenshots  (attached for support on ticket #1550921) below. (UPDATE: Just verified and optimized download cache and the bug is still there)

Thats the hole right there, after passing the ledge you will get sucked to the ground


This is with Razorwing on


I dragged my myself straight down to the border



And got a nice view



Got reset to the entrance



Tried the archwing got really close


And started falling fast



And was crush to death


This also affected the k-drive 


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Verified and optimized download cache
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