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[Warframe Concept] Asura - Blade Master Warframe(w Artworks)


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Well one thing I can say, is that this concept I would love to see in game. however for the his 2nd and 3rd skill of his kit, I have a question...

Let's say that he did got into the game and DE brings Asura as a new warframe WITHOUT changing little to nothing of the way his abilities work, would his 4 ability melee weapons in his second ability be exalted weapons? and if so , would they be modifiable by the arsenal melee weapon's mods installed or be modifiable separate or for all of his 4 ability melee weapons to be able to forma at the same time when you put forma on?

the concept doesn't really put this in detail and would really like to be clarified about it! 


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I like it, but im not sure about 2. I like the idea of the ability affecting the damage type and other characteristics of abilities, but i feel the whole editing melee entirely is abit to involved.


I could get behind a 2 part power, like ivaras arrows, where pressing switches power-weapon, and holding casts a self buff enhancing equipped weapons depending on the power-weapon selected.

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First up, amazing art work.

Review time;

passive; helps leveling up melee weapons which is a nice passive. (Also, fun fact that this would actually cause melee weapons with syndicate effects to proc more frequently)

1st; Looks decent enough, although i don't really have any numbers to work with, like the range of the barrier/slash, the amount of damage it does, etc. The only thing is that the free vertical slash on double jump feels more of a passive than an effect of the ability, the empowered version is fine though.

2nd; I honestly feel that this ability and the 3rd should be combined with tapping switching the weapon and holding uses the 3rd ability, similar to Ivara's quiver, but i can see why you would have it as switch and summon so you can still use the melee weapon you took with you, but i feel that this would just make it a useless ability as that is all it does switch weapons. Aside from that;

I feel the throwing knives should use the dagger stance but the charge attack or ability attack should be the attack to throw it. I also i don't know how i feel about that whip/rapier hybrid weapon; it's a cool idea and would make for a unique weapon but i feel that's what it should be a new weapon type instead of a combination between the two.

Also, probably the most important, what are the stats of each weapon and can you mod them like an exalted weapon or not, and if so are they modded individually or only on one weapon? this will determine whether or not they are any good/will be used over other melee weapons.

3rd; When does the sword lance appear; on weapon summon, on using the 3rd ability, on attack? Other than that i like the other effects; although 20 knives may be a bit much.

4th; the only thing i don't like is the turn into sword form part as it is essentially useless unless you have teammates; that is unless you can control the familiars even without being picked up, then it's fine.

Overall, a very interesting topic but the biggest thing that lets it down is stats and numbers for the abilities as these are ultimately what decides whether or not they are any good. Although it is understandable why you didn't include it as it would clutter the images, maybe include the stats as text underneath each image.

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