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Mesa's Waltz Buff ideas


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Make Mesa unable to be knocked over/staggered, like her normal peacemakers. 
Let us bullet jump while in Peacemaker (Like Ivara can in prowl).

Mesa's Waltz is a nice QOL augment that can go in exilus and I love it, it's just a bit too weak for a mod slot agaisnt other exilus mods.
(Post other ideas if you have any in the comments)

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7 minutes ago, KenthNisshoku said:

it's already in the exilus

it enables you to move and shoot with a high damage ability

please don't make it anymore broken as it is...

I mean its really supposed to be a QOL augment, being staggered from falling is insanely annoying when you could not use the augment and fling yourself around.
I can understand why you wouldn't want bullet jumping but an augment shouldn't make the ability have a problem it did without the augment.

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5 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

What kind of Mesa player lets enemies get near her? And even if they do shooting gallery should be enough to stop them from doing anything until they die dead.

Where did you get something about letting enemies get near her? did i say something the wrong way?

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I find it's biggest value is allowing Mesa to Dodge roll. I'm fine with that on an Exilus slot.

One of the bigger problems I've had in the past is the time it takes to de-activate Peacemaker to dodge something like a Napalm but now it's easily done.

Dodge roll also being the way to avoid hard fall animations.

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