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Greater vs Eidolon Focus Lens Crafting and their imbalances


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Well straight to the point. The costs and the rarity of the bigger Focus Lenses do not match at all. Lemme explain.

The cost of buying a Greater Focus Lens Blueprint is 200K credits. The cost of crafting said Lenses are 200K with some added rare resources, the rarest being Argon Crystals.

However, the cost of crafting an Eidolon Lens is 25K credits which somehow betrays the rarity of it being endgame.

I think the costs should be readjusted for the Greater and Eidolon Lens crafting sequence. The blueprint prices are okay considering it's a very valuable item. For starters, the Greater Lens should take 50K credits instead of 200K credits and the Eidolon Lens should take 100K credits to craft.

Overall, it'll be cheaper but for veterans but it'll be just as valuable for newer players to get their hands on this. Otherwise, it's much more beneficial for players to buy a Greater Lens for 40 Platinum rather than shelling out 400K credits and 24 hours to get one lens. (For comparison, the High Roller Credit Bundle exchanges 90 Platinum for 175K credits)

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