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Nyx is almost great, a few suggestions.


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After my own testing, and talking with and sharing other peoples results of the Nyx rework on higher level enemies, I can absolutely say without a doubt, this is a great buff for Nyx.

Mind Controlling a Heavy gunner, pumping it with some Rubico Shots then stripping enemy armor around me and just seeing my mind control target shred them like paper is very satisfying.

However there are a few minor issues that need to be addressed.


Seems to be 50/50 right now on if this passive even works properly. For me and my testing it most certainly does, but for others it seems to not be clear. Having better indication when this passive procs would be very helpful.

1. Mind Control

Changes made to this ability were great, and pairs very well with psychic bolts. My only real suggestion is that Mind Controlled targets could use some quality of life, being automatically marked so we don't lose them when the A.I decides to run off and play hide and seek.

As well as Mind Controlled targets being treated as specters, so they don't hold up defense waves, again when they run off to play hide and seek sometimes.

2. Psychic Bolts

Having the cap at 6 targets is an understandable balance move, however this ability needs to be recastable when you're not at the cap. If I use psychic bolts on 6 enemies and I kill 3 of those enemies, we should be able to recast it again and grab 3 more.

Having to kill all 6 affected enemies can be annoying at times especially when A.I likes to hide or run around the corners, it really disrupts game play and disrupts Nyxs ability to take down enemies faster.

3. Chaos

Still a great ability. Not much to be said here really.

4. Assimilate

This whole ability needs to be tweaked. The way the game currently plays, Assimilate is a very poor ability.

The damage is very insignificant and the ability cost is super inefficient. And the movement drawback has just no place in Warframe, unless there's a big enough pay off. The damage of this ability could use an increase, and personally the augment needs to be baseline.

In Closing

The rework to Nyx is great and has easily brought her from what the community would call a D rank frame up to a B+ or A-.

With a few quality of life changes to Psychic Bolts and Mind Control, as well as Assimilate getting another look over Nyx will be a very strong and competitive CC frame id feel confident taking anywhere.


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