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Nyx rework 1.5 suggestions.


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Having played Nyx a lot before and after rework I've got some ideas that might help when rework 1.5 comes out:

  1. Passive is great, but if it's supposed to be 50% chance of evasion then something is probably not working correctly. Maybe adding a visual queue (like hit indicator for shield damage) would help?
  2. Mind control is certainly way better than before, but still suffers from AI making sure that your unit will hide behind a cover and wait, sometimes up to 30% of duration, for somebody to smack him on the head. So improving either reaction time of AI or just generally making it more aggressive would be great. When it comes to charging up your new friend's damage it seems there is bias towards physical crit damage, so status weapons are not as effective as crit-machines. And then there's also the mystery of conversion rate: if every 2500 damage points is 150% of damage then why do 2 shots from Tigris, modded to deal 24000~ slash damage + half as much as heat damage, only store around 600%~ Is there a diminishing returns system hidden or game doesn't register all pellets hit the enemy during damage absorption phase?
  3. Psychic Bolts is better than ever, if it was meant to be an Ace-in-the-Sleeve ability. Sure negating all of the armor from Nox or Heavy gunner helps a whole lot. But there is a problem with reset time, holding the button to reset bolts should be quicker, 0.5 seconds at max. This ability is already punishing enough with aimbot bolts flying to targets you don't want them to fly to. Otherwise there needs to be a buff: make amount of bolts scalable from strength/duration or let each bolt explode upon arriving to the target spreading a weaker (75%-50% of effect) debuff to other enemies in range (10-15 meters)

Here's an idea for Mind Freak augment change: What if instead of % increase of target's damage it extended that 4 second damage absorption window to, say, 10 seconds (4 + 6 from the mod) at max rank? Or every enemy killed by controlled unit extends mind control duration by X seconds and increases its damage by XX% ? (Sure this would hinder the initial strength of controlled enemy but would increase its potential in the long run).

As for Psychic Bolts augment I think it would be great that the target affected by this ability would fire out 3 bolts seeking enemies nearby. With each bolt having proc-ing a barrage of 6 bolts. That would allow this debuff to affect more enemies without needing to recast often. 

P.S. As for assimilate it really should just drain less energy, have a 25% base range increase and energy per 1000 damage removed. It's better to have a cap of 50 000 simultaneous damage (done in a time window of 0.5-1 second) that instantly triggers explosion rather than have all of your energy drained because somebody decided to fire their Lenz at you.

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