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Freezes + Fps drops


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Hello there! This is probably my first feedback post for a while yet I feel this is not personal issue. First of all I want to say sorry if there is similar posts here and there but I felt I should share these issues maybe it can help.

So the main issue is with this the vallis-fortuna and cetus-plains. When I am there there is always small lags and fps drops especially when I enter to the plains through the gate. Sometimes randomly got also some freezes and permanent screen freezes so I cannot really fix them but sometimes I can pass them.

Recently not sure about if this came with the changes or some hotfix but after fortuna release and before baruuk addition I have had no issues on plains but the latest hotfixes seem messed up the performance there and I got massive fps drops and after 5-10 run on plains I feel always slower until the loading time reach the 1 min limit. That is the point where I just try to finish the mission and skip that place. This one is just happens on these instances and on regular missions I do not have any issues with fps drop. There are a lot of preference options to change but I do not thing those could solve my problem because all of them are used and still not caused any trouble with my pc.

Honestly I have a good medium pc with an ati radeon r280x series " don't ask the concrete card serie because it is not shown in the lines ". I have 3 ghz and 12gbyte ram so I don't think it is the problem. All of this build is 2010-2015 so it should handle the game well and it does but I think the latest hotfixes are not optimized well.

Another issue is which is not directly this but I found some ai issues on the Earth defense maps like Lith and Coba and the ai sometimes stuck there and it takes a lot of time to find them where they spawned and sometimes also not spawned or just stuck into a wall somewhere. Another stuff is the map falling bug when you stuck into a place and you could not get out from there. I detected this one on phobos - corpus tile maps.

So I don't know if I can do anything with this because I already using the medium graphical options and the extras are on my build but I just have issues on plains and vallis. Hope this is enough informative and sometime by now the devs can fix this until I just skip playing these maps or just play other game. Thanks for reading and hope this will be fixed soon.

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