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[Visual glitch] distant landscape stands out when you look in the distance in both Plains and Orb Vallis


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this started happening after Fortuna Part 2 dropped, the distant landscape would just look really ugly because it stands out and there's nothing covering it 

here are the screenshots 




I sat there trying all different graphics settings here and there as well as full screen, windowed and borderless and nothing fixed it. I can't figure out what's causing it and idk if anyone else has the same issue, if there is then please post if you found a fix and bump this thread.. as you can see, it's a REALLY ugly glitch to look at every time you're  in an open world area, and i really hope it gets fixed as soon as the team is able to look into it 



the glitch extends to relays as mentioned in one of the replies, and also some tile sets (earth for example). More screenshots bellow





In the relay screenshot i can see objects through the ground and so on, and on earth the distant landscape doesn't fade and doesn't have any sort of fog effect covering it


Update : the glitch is now fixed as for Hotfix 24.2.7 !

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Yep, same here, I've noticed it at first on the Eidolon plains, but it happens on as you said in Orb Vallis and also on Relays with Maroo's place included




I've tried every preset graphic option, restarting the game when necessary, and triggering the "optimize cache" thing on the launcher

Also, on a side note, at the time writing this both your links seem broken

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