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On Screen Keyboard & Big Picture Mode


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Hello Devs, Happy Holidays.

I'm playing using Big Picture Mode so I can configure my steam controller and gyro on the fly.  Nothing like twitching my controller to get that perfect headshot and keeping on moving.  However there's one glaring flaw.  It removes the ability to type without using the big picture mode keyboard which obscures the entire screen.  This is bad is a game that's always going.  If it paused like it did in solo, it wouldn't be a problem.  But it doesn't.

Many games support the "-NoKeyboardUI" function to fix this.  Is this something that could potentially be looked at for Warframe?  That would allow people that sit in their chair with their TVs and wireless controllers to use big picture mode and keyboard while not obscuring the entire screen to type "mobs on B" or "Need help" quickly.

Right now I have to go around it by launching warframe outside of Big Picture Mode, and this disables the UI completely, which means I can't configure my controller, and would have to relaunch BPM in order to do so.

Can someone take a look?

Thank you.

-- EE

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Bump. Also interested in this as I find the Steam Controller an excellent way to play Warframe, but communicating with other players via hardware keyboard is extremely frustrating with the existing software keyboard menu needing to appear first.

Unfortunately, extended functions using additional buttons or radial menus don't work on the controller when outside big picture mode, so launching outside of big picture isn't an option for me personally.

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There's unfortunately one semi-workaround for this problem that I've been employing and it's not a particularly great one.

For starters, make sure all of your Big Picture Mode bindings for Warframe are in order beforehand. Anything you want set up, set it up first.

  1. Restart the game, but make sure your controller is turned OFF when starting the launcher.
  2. Once the launcher is opened, turn on your controller. In my case it's a DS4.
    • This can be at any point from updating to the game being ready to launch. Theoretically it should work just fine turning the controller on while the game itself is launched but I've had mixed results with that.

From that point forward Steam Overlay and your controller will act as though it's listening to the Big Picture setup, but with the regular Steam UI. Even Steam's own FPS counter shows up in the corner if you have it enabled!


  • Whatever custom bindings or macros you have in your Big Picture setup keeps working just as smoothly. I've extensively tested this and trigger speeds seem to not be any worse off.
  • You can use your mouse to click on buttons and typing on your keyboard works just as smoothly
    • Unless that's a bug specific to me where using my mouse to click on stuff on regular Big Picture mode just doesn't seem to work, even though I can MOVE the cursor
  • The UI settings seem to be more likely to listen to your preferences, especially for resizing


  • You can't press the controller's Home button to open the Steam Big Picture overlay. Have to actually press Shift-Tab as usual
    • Arguably this can be an upside since the regular Steam UI is less of a mess to navigate most of the time
  • Changing bindings by right clicking on the game in your Library and "Edit Steam Controller Configuration" seems to not apply the changes immediately (while the game is currently launched)
  • You can't make use of the very new (?) cool Big Picture feature where, when configured for it, you can have a very modifiable menu overlay when touching the Touchpad
    • I found out about this last feature when I was looking for an existing layout for Secret World Legends and you can basically have a menu from 3 to 12 buttons (or radial) that's either centered or left & right sides of the touchpad (or both if you're particularly chaotic), making for a max total of 24 custom binds you can activate through touchpad. I've made it work in turn for The Witcher 3 and it's pretty cool. I presume the Steam Controller might be capable of something similar.

It is important that this gets fixed because whenever I input my password for my Warframe account upon boot, I can only hide my password on the left hand, but not on the right field (as shown here) ! This makes things very awkward were you to play Warframe on your Home TV through Steam Link (or some other measure) and you have company!
(P.S. just to state the obvious, the picture shown doesn't include my actual password, it's just to point out the issue)

Worst thing is, I'm not even sure DE watches these threads. I offhandedly complained on Reddit a long time ago that Big Picture Mode forced Fullscreen every time you booted the game (even when set up as Borderless) and somehow the little attention it caught was enough to have it fixed in mere days even though we'd suffered the issue for a very long period. Fixes for controller users seem to take a long while comparatively to other things, which makes me wonder how much Q&A this actual portion of the experience sees.

On a final note, not to get too defensive, but people who suffer from RSI and the like do prefer controllers because of their condition. It'd be appreciated if the controller experience was more thoroughly tested.

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To add to the guy above, I do basically the same, except sometimes it takes a sec for the custom bindings to load, sometimes they don't load until I switch the controller off and on again, and SOMETIMES, the custom binds get forgotten. So save a custom profile to reload every once in a while.


Also, the emote wheel doesn't work by controller anymore. Not the point of this thread, but I felt it was relevant.

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