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[BUG] Loki Decoy stuck on Corpus Floor Laser-Grid


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This bug happens regardless of Range, but there is a specific Spy Tileset where Loki's Decoy cannot be cast over without getting stuck in the laser grid placed on the floor.

Most recently I noticed this on Sao Neptune during a Corpus Spy mission which was an Alert.

I will work on getting video up for it.

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Can confirm this. Just so happened to be using Loki in an alert spy mission. Encountered that room you mentioned and I tried to use decoy to get over the laser grid floor, but the decoy kept appearing on the laser grid floor even though I aimed at the area behind it. There were also other instances where I tried to switch teleport with my decoy and was prompted that my target was obstructed. Something may have been broken with regards to these powers in the recent patches.

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