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(PC) (US) Red Fangs. Looking to recruit the new and experianced. So come join us and have a beer.


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Red Fangs is looking for new or experienced players! Were a mature and casual clan whos goal is simply to get better at the game and have fun. We have no joining fee or requirements 

We have our own Discord server. As well as a lot of research done and a bunch of the dojo built.

There are only a handful of us so far( a friend and I). We've completed alot of the map and missions and now are just farming frames, Mods, Rivens, wepons, Zaa's you name it since we are working our way up to endgame stuff now. I'm looking to build a small community of friends who all are there to help each other and be apart of a close circle then eventually build up from there. But we mainly are here to have a fun time being space ninja's.

Always happy to get to know new people and make more friends ❤️

message me if interested or post your IGN  and we can go from there or feel free to join our discordhttps://discord.gg/R5AAm2T . Again were just a casual clan no joining fee or requirements 

all we ask is you donate now and then 

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