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Wrong Lotus dialogue on invasion mission end w Grustrag 3


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I was doing an Invasion mission on Ceres/Ludi, Corpus Siege, Extermination, I sided with the Corpus, I was playing in Solo mode. After a while the Grustrag 3 show up, Lotus tells me to abort. I was on Rhino so the 3 were out of luck, I killed them, Lotus says something like "Good job killing them but next time obey my orders" (as if!). I complete the extermination mission and head to extraction, when I reach it Lotus says (paraphrased, might not be an exact quote): "Too bad the mission was aborted, but at least you're all safe." This is a wrong line since I did not abort the mission - as obvious by Lotus' earlier remark, as well as that the mission counted normally towards the Invasion goal.


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