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Idea - Colonies


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You know what Warframe really lacks? To know who we are fighting to protect. It is awesome to see Ostron and Solaris - we can see how people in the world of Warframe live, how they look in their day to day life, we get the feel of the setting. Glast Gambit quest disappointed me because it made me expect something awesome - colonists surviving side by side with Infested? Living off hunting them? Sounds cool! Well, too bad, they live in a generic Corpus ship and look like generic Relay dudes. Boohoo.

So, my idea is this - add more colonies to Origin System. They don't all need same level of development as Cetus and Fortuna. Just small hubs the size of Iron Wake, with some nice matte background, a few NPCs and maybe some vendors. They don't even need standing. A single type of currency or tokens for each colony would be enough, acquired in various relevant ways, plus maybe some resources, and presto, you got enough. In general each colony should sell one "usable" item - like a weapon, a zaw/amp/kitgun part, a specter blueprint, etc., one or two cosmetic items - Operator clothes, Warframe armor bits, maybe a sugatra or a weapon skin, and several Orbiter decorations. Bits of Somachord tunes could be either sold or hidden around the colony. They could also feature in Invasions, where Grineer/Corpus/Infested would invade the colony (with players only being able to side with the colony, obviously).

So, some ideas (only descriptions since I can't really draw). Also no names, because, really, those don't matter.

(also spoilers to Second Dream / War Within / Sacrifice below, I suppose)

Colony #1

Actual Infested hunters. Style is combination of crude savage and "used future". Palisade of crude logs, wrapped in electrified wire. Houses made of simple wooden planks, shipping containers and bits of Corpus ships, simply nailed together or held by Infested tissue. Guards use spears. Use Juggernaut bits and whole Pherliac Pods as currency. Sell Infested carapace armour for Operator and Javelins for the Warframe (probably will post as separate weapon idea - basically thrown secondary that can stab in melee with alt-fire; reverse Gunblade, so to say). Rugs woven of still-living and twitching Infested tendrils. Could live on some unused forested moon of Saturn, with the giant planet dominating the skyline.


Colony #2

Regular human town. Who do Corpus/Perrin sell their wares to? There must be regular futuristic towns/cities in the Origin System. Except this one is independent and as such vulnerable to Corpus/Grineer depredations and needing Tenno protection. Somewhat similar to Corpus and Fortuna aesthetic but less utilitarian and more rounded corners. People in casual clothes. Modified Coildrives that people use in lieu of cars. Corpus and Perrin merchants (just for show). Neon lights. Open sky high above, visible between smoke stacks. Glass dome below opening into some Jovian sattelite's under-ice ocean. Could use simple bog-standard Credits, since its simple bog-standard people. Could sell simple townsclothes for the Operator and a new Kitgun chamber with high precision three-round burst. Screens with animated ads or fiction movie trailers for the Orbiter.


Colony #3

Sky city of Uranus. Several massive zeppelins tethered together. Multiple moons in the sky above, Grineer sea lab entrances and water ships in the ocean below, pillars of lights and clouds all around. Grineer are too focused on sea research to care. People wearing parachute-like clothing and sorta rudimentary jetpacks to get back onto zeppelins in they fall down. They get about swinging from zeppelin to zeppelin on ropes. Local kinds of sort of Grineer-style K-Drives jumping from zeppelin to zeppelin as adults shout angrily at them. Could include a K-Drive race track. You'd be eaten by a megalodon if you fall to the oean. Currency would be Oxium, because they need it to keep zeppelins afloat. They could sell additional K-Drive bits, somewhat Grineer-styled, slow fall or aerial combat mods for the Warframes, and probably a slow fall Arcane for the Operator. Also tiny zeppelin drones for the Orbiters that would fly around randomly, and a zeppelin skin for Diriga.


Colony #4

Splinter Ostron group. We know Ostron are wandering merchants and Cetus is just a safe hub. We know there are travelling monks among them. It would be great to see another Ostron settlement - probably in the northern parts, so they get distinctive warmer clothes. NPCs would ask about their Cetus acquaintances and relatives. We could meet, I don't know, Pedlek's mother, hoping Hok treats her son well, Hok's former apprentice, who can construct/gild/name Zaws, etc. They could use Cetus materials as currency - probably Mapicos and Nistlepods, as those are, in theory, perishable, and they would have most need of those. Naturally they would sell a Zaw part - probably a harpoon head that would make a kind of gunblade as it would be able to be thrown, and a lot of other comfy Ostron decorations for the Orbiter.


Colony #5

People who worship Tenno as gods. Statues of operators all through the settlement - could be cool if a random statue would get player's Operator's face every time. Maybe living among the rusty remains of Zariman 10-0? Currency would drop from enemies killed by Operators directly. Would sell a new Amp Brace that would make Void Blast knock enemies on their knees (new animation) and restore Amp energy for each enemy hit. Also a golden halo crown for the Operator. Could be a newly-established colony on Lua. Like a direct consequence of the player's actions.


Colony #6

Kavor. They have to go somewhere when we save them. Hiding in an abandoned Corpus gas city (suitable Grineerified) they would have Steel Meridian envoys and periodically guards would fight off Red Veil infiltrators. They currency - probably called Dog Tags or something - would naturally be earned in Defection missions and/or bought for Steel Meridian standing. They would have special Invasions where they would be attacked by Sargas Ruk's forces, a lot of Manics and Sargas Ruk in person. Since Operators still need Grineer style armour, they could sell that.


Colony #7

Cephalon cabal. Not-so-benevolent but still Tenno-aligned Cephalons hiding in a space station. Relay-style architecture, but symmetrical complex polyhedron shape, with a lot of inner walkways and freaky gravity. Players would navigate it with an Archwing. In the center there would be six Cephalons facing towards the six square sides, and everything would get that dataspace look. There would also be a few lesser cephalons zooming around and humans denizens would be slaves with bomb collars - a reminder of what we Tenno do is not always clearly good. They could sell special scanners that would generate currency when scanning, and capable of synthesizing targets - which would generate more currency, grant NO Simaris standing and prompts an angry rant from Simaris that Tenno is helping his rivals. They could sell Operator Arcane that would shift Operator into datascape when in Void Mode, allowing him to collect energy-restoring data-bits, Operator sleeves that would turn one arm of the Operator into semi-disintegrated datascape model, and clickable items for the Orbiter. One would turn Orbiter's interior into dataspace, another would buzz Simaris prompting an angry rant, another one would initiate a random dialogue with Suda, and probably something for Ordis.


Colony #8

Last of Martian Sand People. Last of Baro's people enslaved by the Grineer. A settlement in those sandstone buildings connected by narrow path with a factory, which is allows a close look to one of those massive Grineer constructions on Martian horizon. Not many actual Grineer seen, since martians don't have anywhere to go anyway and Grineer don't bother guarding them. We could see one or two dozing in guard posts not paying attention. Would have two currencies - Grokdrul, which they need to complete Grineer-set deadlines, and different kind of dog tags, acquired specifically from killing Martian Grineer. They could sell a grineer-style Kitgun chamber - wide continuous Gas spread, made from some factory exhaust, some baubles for the Operator made in fusion of Egyptian and Grineer industrial styles, and rough sandstone statues and columns for the Orbiter. Nice touch would Ordis complaining how much those weigh when the player installs them. They would also sell something like a small bauble for the Warframe that would provoke response from Baro when he sees it - different responses depending on whether the player has completed Sands of Inaros.


Colony #9

Enemies of the Grineer. The people that Grineer constantly try to shoot with that big cannon from Kuva Fortress. Hiding in a cavernous underground bunker, all grey concrete and massive steel girders. Ceiling would be all cracked from Grineer bombardment and there would be workers on scaffolds trying to fix it. Men would wear kind of armoured WWI/WWII attire (look up WWI infantry armour designs, made of metal plates), with guns and large shields. Many women would be dressed very feminine, with skirts and stuff, focus being on how they try really hard to retain as much of peaceful life as they can to not be completely lost to their war with Grineer - growing crops and flowers, raising children, adopting pets. Tiny brightly painted cottages in dark grey cavernous bunker. A long winding staircase would take the player to the outside, where they could see massive ruined battlements and miles upon miles of explosion-riven ground. Their currency would be acquired by first selling them a whole variety of items - caged pets, decorations and mapicos from Cetus, floofs and decorations from Fortuna, pigments, Kavat Incubator Segments, etc. War is hard, but they can manage. They need help remaining human. They could sell a Zaw part (technically "links") that would turn Zaw in question into Sword and Shield, replacing stat bonuses with massive damage block and several D polarities, set of armour for the Warframe, and various decorations for the Orbiter.


Colony #10

Orokin ruins dwellers. Living on the sun-scorched surface of Mercury, protected by an Orokin forcefield, that would create a brilliant golden dome of dazzling light when seen from side (i.e. when approaching in Liset, since you cannot otherwise leave the dome without getting incinerated). The would be a few crumbling Orokin towers and a sort of Orokin chapel. Their own building would be made of sunbaked clay in rough approximation of said Orokin chapel. They would wear really wide-brimmed hats with veils, to protect their eyes from Sun's radiance and use fans, a lot. There would be two layers to the settlement - upper where it would be really bright and hard to see, and lower below various roofs and canopies, where it would be more of a shade. In the distance one could see sandstorms, rivers of lava, and massive Grineer crawlers, their tops literally red-hot. The Orokin chapel would contain a half-functioning Death Orb that the locals would periodically sacrifice a captured Grineer to (pushing him into the laser beam). They currency would be either Ayatan Stars or some new brand of Orokin power cells (just not, you know, Orokin Cells), which would drop exclusively in Derelicts, Void, and Lua - they would need those to power their sun-repelling force-field. The could sell a new animation for the Operator that would have the Operator pull out of a fan out of the sleeve and fan themself, a fan weapon for the Warframe - probably with a blinding effect on a crit or something, and some Orokin tapestries for the Orbiter.


Colony #11

Sea raft dwellers. Colossal raft, made of huge plastic tubes, floating across the waves of Neptune. Ground all heaving as the ocean beneath it waves. Icy coasts and Corpus buildings in the distance, Corpus spaceships in the sky. Houses made of plastic boats fastened to the raft with ropes. Sharkwhale carcasses on the raft, sliced open by laser-bladed circular saws of the whalers. Massive sharkwhales jumping out of the water in the distance. Periodically someone would shout "Detection alert!" and all lights and mechanisms would go out, as they try to avoid Corpus detection. Their currency would be Servofish parts from Fortuna and Radar Codes dropped by Corpus enemies on Neptune. They would sell their laser-bladed circular saw (this game really needs more chainsaws and circular saws, really), raft-style K-Drive bits, maybe K-Drive mods concerning movement on water, Greek trident style skin for Sydon, and some drying fish to hang in your Orbiter (with Ordis complaining about the smell).


Colony #12

Orokin remnant. Last few remaining Orokin, on life support, hiding in a castle on Eris, with their Infested-repelling technology. They have lost Continuity tech, and have no slaves to transfer into, so they are dependent on their Kuva-based life support to survive. Togas, columns, statues, decaying opulence. A lot of red and gold, but gold is kinda tarnished. Walls are grey and partially stained and partially covered in Infested growth. Orokin survivors themselves are basically mummies, sitting on thrones, covered in bandages and porcelain masks (largely cracked), with life support tubes going under them. Its all supposed to be rather creepy and ominous, with Orokin constantly dropping remarks on how they wish they still had Continuity to transfer into player's Operator, how Ballas is a cool guy who did nothing wrong, etc. The surface of Eris is depressingly dark and desolate, sky is full of Corpus and Grineer ships being visibly consumed by Infestation, and the Sun is visible as very bright but distant light. The Orokin need special Kuva tech bits that drops from Kuva Guardians and some Kuva Fortress missions, as well as Orokin Derelict and Lua. They sell Orokin style togas and masks for the Operator and a set of Specter blueprints - one has powerful Infested hampering abilities, another has a variation of Nyx's Chaos that only works on biological Grineer and Corpus units, kind of like weaker portable Neural Sentry.


So, basically, this is the idea. Something for us to see what we fight for, much more depth to the Origin System, and more variety to Operator and Orbiter cosmetics, plus this could be used as sinks for stuff - e.g. someone could use Fieldron Samples or Detonite Samples as currency! Of course, there could be (and should be) more colonies. Giant planets have a lot of unused moons, other planets could conceivably have a lot of hiding spots, etc.

I'll post some other ideas (a couple weapon types, two-three tilesets and a new enemy subfaction) some time later.

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