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WTS Akjagara and Phantasma rivens. SOLD


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Hi everyone and Happy Xmas!

The rivens I'm selling are these: 

1)Akjagara Crita-argipha: SOLD!

+90% heat

+176.6% CC

+46.9% dmg to grineer

Mr 10, polarity naramon, unrolled

Price: 200plat

2)Phantasma Hexa-visibin: SOLD!

Status chance +80.9%

Ammo maximum +77.2%

Damage +143.1%

Damage to corpus -35.7%

Mr10, polarity vazarin, unrolled

Price: 180plat

Psn is Kurkubini and i am on the EU server. You can pmo in game or reply here.

Thnx for your time reading my post. 😎

Edited by (PS4)Kurkubini
both rivens are sold.
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