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Energy Color Does Not Override Element Animations on Certain Melee Skins


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A recent update made the energy color of a melee weapon change the color of its elemental effects. However, the element effects on certain skins such as the Nikana Dax Skin still retain their original colors despite having selected a diffrent energy color. Is anyone else having this issue with any other weapon skins?

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Nope, you're not alone. The recent change to elemental FX colors only applies to base melee weapons; with a handful of exceptions, no skins respect this new color rule and instead show the old elemental colors, namely those that change the model. So far, I've seen this on...

  • ...all hammer skins.
  • ...all staff skins.
  • ...all longsword skins, except the Tengushen.
  • ...all polearm skins.
  • ...the Sword and Shield Dananus Skin.
  • ...both dual sword skins.
  • ...all katana skins except the Gemenii sheathes.
  • ...the Zastra Dual Dagger Skin.
  • ...the Kludgel Machete Skin.
  • ...both scythe skins.
  • ...both dagger skins.
  • ...the Ringers skin.
  • ...the Demios Claw skin.
  • ...all greatsword skins.
  • ...both rapier skins.

Interestingly, the Proto Glaive and Orvius Dax skins seem exempt from this, as well as the skins noted above. Also, any skins that just change the texture and not the model (e.g Harkonar, Day of the Dead) don't seem to have this effect.



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