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Some rework ideas (Mirage, Nyx, Ember)


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I just threw those together since I can't sleep. Might as well post them but they might end up not making much sense.

1. Brain link up to 3 enemies, enemies in 5 meter range receive portion damage of the target. Enemies hit in range that aren't the main target deal received damage to main target with multiplier. (To visualize, portion of the damage of main targets spread out to surrounding enemies in range. ENEMY <<< Target >>> ENEMY.
Enemies in same range that receive damage channel received damage to main targets in their range with a bonus. ENEMY >>> Target <<< ENEMY). 
Nyx herself is a "target" by casting the abillitiy on an enemy, dealing portion of damage she receives split among the other targets and the enemies in their range. Nyx and her main targets gains 15% damage reduction for every main target in her control.  Affected by power mods, caps at 90% dmg reduction with 200 power strength. (The intention is that Nyx becomes more survivable and can turn the 3 targets into brain damage turrets but once the surrounding enemies die without killing the 3 main targets, Nyx has to finish them off, if they have remaining health by canceling the abillity (holding button). Enemies can freely move during the ability duration and only receive one initial stagger including enemies in range of the main targets (same as Garuda's 2). 
Nyx does not receive the damage of linked enemies that are damaged just to be clear.
2. Stays but cone range affecting all in range similar to Harrow 1 affecting all enemies hit.
3. Stays, but doubles range of 1 on every target affected by 1.
4. AOE stagger, affected enemies perceive all damage taken on any body part as headshot damage. (MOA's are thus no affected). Enemies also have increased chances to receive status procs.

Probably very unrealistic due to amount of work that has to get into this for the new animations but one can dream. Numbers are placeholder because I have no idea without testing obviously.

Passive: Add light and dark meter, fills while Mirage is light or shadow. 
1. Stays. Counts as light source for Mirage. Recasting ends ability. Durations same as current.
2. Mirage makes light stop reflecting off of her (just her not the mirror images), absorbing light. Mirage turns into a shadow figure for very low duration (~3 seconds). Enemies will stop targeting her (but continue targeting Mirror images when active). Lowers light meter (requires light meter to cast) and fills shadow meter. Fill amount increases when 1 is active. Can be cast on the fly like Nezha's 1. Gains movement+fire rate+melee speed buff for duration of shadow mode.
3. Combat stance akin to trailer. (Adds ability to do quick dodges/dashes while holding sprint + directional key with short iframes. Works in air, canceling momentum into dash direction with smoth landing/no landing stagger). Kills increase power for every range kill, dmg reduction for every melee kill. +4%/+2% per kill. Getting hit reduces both stacks by 10% per hit received. Cap for both stays the same (affected by power str. max dmg reduction is 90%). Can shoot / melee during certain dodge animation. Duration same as current, can be recast.
4. Mirage twirls and throws light and shadow prisms in 270% degree where player is aiming. Light prisms lower enemy accurcary by 5% per orb in range, dark orbs deal 1% dmg to enemy health per second in range. Meter adds power to both (casting at 100% light meter doubles accuracy debuff and same for dark meter and dark orbs dps). Affected by power strength. Orbs have each a range of 2 / 4 / 5 / 6 m affected by range mods. 
Orbs behave same as current prism, bounce + energy consumption per orb. 
Initially throws 1 light orbs, then 1 light + dark, then 2 light + 1 dark and at max level 2 of each. 
Throws one additional per mirror image but adds energy consumption for every orb. (7 total of each). Since the cone is 270 degree, the orbs would quickly spread out only being most efficient at initial cast. They should also travel faster than the current so that the effects don't linger on an enemy for too long. Unless you manage to make them bounce in a beneficial way (or corridors).
If an enemy was affected by 7 dark orbs in range, at max shadow meter that would be 14% dmg to health per second which is a lot of course + maybe 300% power strength, that would end up being nearly 50% per second (given you manage create the perfect condition for an enemy to be hit by all orbs), so the numbers and such should be placeholders. This could just be flat initial damage but so much stuff is scaling awfully lategame and I don't understand even half of this game, so % to health is also my paceholder solution.
Recasting ends ability, and refills meter by a small portion for every prism in Mirage's range depending on its type. 

Teleport: Melee str buff/speed buff after finisher.

Passive:  Add mechanic similar to Mag's 3, all of Ember's fire leave tiny sparks in the air at the point of the fire's origin for a short duration.
1. Rapid Fire with charge (fire version staticor just for Ember). Double dmg on burning enemies.
2. Combine current 2 and 3. Emit aoe stagger setting enemies on fire. Ember ignites herself adding all that fire bonus to her attack. Ground she's stepping on is on fire activating her passive. Fire travels with her unlike Nezha's lingering fire path.
3. Turns enemy into exploding bomb. Explodes when killed or recast. Suriving enemies in blast have a (50/50?) chance to get "infected" with a bomb. If one explodes in range of another infected enemy, causes chain explosion. Recasting to explode the bomb only works on the target of the initial cast.
4. When toggling off WoF while max overheat set of all sparks in the air in range of overheat radius for ??? explosion damage with 100% explosion proc chance. RIP framerate

1. Allow crits and slash status.

Passive: Change to killing a frozen enemy with melee  weapons adds an enchantement for XX% ice status and some bonus range on the initial 3 swings  after kill. This basically acts like spores as in, the weapon gets ice status procs and you have to keep killing enemies with that to maintain the buff since it refreshes everytime  you kill a frozen enemy. Bullets gain punch through on frozen targets.

2. Cancel by pressing again.

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