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Bounties being random is aggravating, thoughts on changing it?


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So i've been running this game since launch on PS4, cool, RNGeezus and Lootcifer both have it out for me in a lot of ways which I've come to accept over the years, but after 40 rank 5 bounties on PoE, I STILL do not have a Revenant Neuroptics. Can we please just get tiered Tokens instead of loot that we can then turn in at Konzu for the rewards we want? I don't know how much work that'd be for the team at DE, but it'd cut down on a lot of the uncertainty at least, even if i still had to farm Rare tokens, cause then I'd be assured of getting what I want eventually if we're guaranteed at least a set amount of rare tokens for doing the whole bounty.  Yeah, still grindy, but at least it wouldn't feel pointless half the time. 

Between the bugginess with the plains lately, and the fact that i've gotten NOTHING but chassis parts out of Sanctuary missions since Khora was released, and now Garuda being locked behind HIGH ranking material blueprints? I'm really not feeling the love here as a player. this was mostly a rant, but I'm hoping someone at DE see's this and finds the idea appealing.

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