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Mesa Peacemaker augment change/addition


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Peacemaker seems superlative at destroying enemies at a distance in a rapidly narrowing cone of fire.

But what if you want to be able to destroy crowds in close range, or don't want to need to disengage and reposition? Or just want a shorter-range crowd-destroying attack? One might call it a... Death Blossom?

Ideally it would be added functionality on top of Mesa's Waltz augment, allowing you to right-click during Peacemaker to spin and automatically shoot at nearby enemies within a reduced radius compared to left-click.

Otherwise, it could be its own augment or even just an addition to Peacemaker's basic functionality.

On an unrelated note, the ability to wield Mesa's peacemakers as a secondary if no normal secondary is equipped would also be neat, similar to Garuda's talons' functionality.

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Garudas claws are her own unique feature. Don’t try ruining that by giving every frame their own on frame weapon.

Also this augment just sounds like it’d be ripe for abuse and be used to resurrect Old Peacemakers Mesa where she was just 360 degrees of death with 0 input from the player. Well in this case it’s 360 degrees of death with a single button spam.

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3 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Well in this case it’s 360 degrees of death with a single button spam.

It already is, lol. Well, you hold the button down and wildly swing your mouse around, but you get the idea.


To OP, this is completely pointless considering Peacemaker is already able to do that, but better, move your mouse around next time.

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