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Mesa/Archgun Bug


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Discovered tonight that when carrying an Archgun and activating Peacemaker, the Archgun is holstered, the selected primary or secondary comes out, and Mesa will enter the Peacemaker state, but not fully activate the skill as the regulators stay holstered.

When this happens, the frame's energy will never fully drain, skills and operator mode are unavailable and the only way to get out of the Peacemaker state is to die or abort the mission.

Had this happen a few times in a row when trying to reproduce.  However, the final time I tried to reproduce for a video I was unable to use the Peacemaker skill at all while holding the Archgun.


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I was also able to reproduce this bug.

The way to do it is pretty simple:

Don't be host, activate your Archgun and then at any point after that use Mesa's 4 (doesn't have to be instantly after it or at the same time as Archgun gear item activation).

Energy seems to drain at about 30 energy when hitting or killing an enemy(multiple enemies hit/killed don't increase this) but reaching 0 energy doesn't put you out of Peacemaker mode. Only aborting, finishing or dying can get you out of this state.

While in this state you can still move but ground speed is reduced by about half. You can still bullet jump and so on.

Here a picture of me in Peacemaker Mode with my Secondary out:




ADDITIONALLY: Should Stalker join your mission and use his canceling ability peacemaker mode will end too and you will re-equip your archgun. Should you try to use peacemaker again after stalker has used his cancel the ability will function normally, as in you equip your peacemakers and are locked in place while energy drains at the expected drain rate. Exiting peacemaker mode will then just re-equip your archgun.

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