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SERIOUS FPS DROP on Plains since the Profit taker update


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OK so I'm able to run the game on high settings and stable 60 fps with a gtx 770.

Before the profit taker update it was good, even if sometimes I experienced screen freeze with the game that continue to run with sounds. Its pretty occasional but this issue is here since years and still not fixed...👎

After the update my graphic card randomly use 100% power and it heats a lot(80°C due to 100% power usage).

It happens mainly on PoE and Cetus, I tried to use the low preset settings, I see the visual downgrade but my GPU still use 100% power.

I have to come back to the orbiter and enter in the Plains again to bypass this bug, My GPU usually use 60% power max on high settings on Plains.

It happens randomly and it can ruin eidolon hunts, we need a fix fast 😧

It seems to happen with rain when you do multiple runs.


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