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I feel something wrong with the heist


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I liked the story of the Heist, and the motivation from the story, good.

But you DEs missed something, players have to play those heist missions thousands of times.
That means, players have to hear same conversations thousands of times.

Stories becoming faint, long long conversations now disaffect me, and now I know when I have to "deploy an Energizing Dash" or "use abilities" on a specific dialogue, where I have to be when the enrichlabs' alarm rings, doing what causes bug or not.
The stories going to be degenerated.

It was a big mistake fusing bounty missions and a major story

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I agree. I can complete a heist stage long before the characters finish talking. There are few things more infuriating than having to wait for an NPC to finish talking in order to continue with the mission. I can't begin to measure how much I want Boon to shut up so I can leave the elevator already.

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