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[Feature Request] Screen Magnifier on Nintendo Switch Handheld Mode


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I’m fairly new to Warframe—playing it on both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Really enjoying the game so far, but I noticed that on the Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode, some text is just unreadable for me (mainly menu UI like the cards with requirements for a junction, or the rewards screen), as I am legally blind. I’ve maxed out the in-game HUD scale, and just wanted to say that that feature is so great—thank you so much for implementing it! Was so happy to see that I could comfortably read the HUD when i maxed it out.

For other UI, I have a suggestion for how to deal with helping users like me without messing up your layouts: can we use the touch screen on the Switch to allow for magnification of a subsection of the screen when you, say, tap and hold on it? This would solve my problem, as all I need this zoom feature for is out-of-mission UI, so it doesn’t have to be quick to use or on constantly.

Thanks, and let me know if any of that was unclear! :P


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13 hours ago, (NSW)half_Lemon4 said:

Sorry for the dumb question but how can I make the writing bigger? Even with my glasses I can't read it and its annoying. I tried looking around the menu but i couldn't find anything ( i made the cursor bigger so that helped )


And I agree with you, it would be great. 

No worries—not a dumb question! You can increase the size of the text that shows up while you’re playing a mission (the Head’s Up Display) by going to Options > Interface and increasing “HUD Scale”. 

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