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Nidus Parasitic Link Augment Idea


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I remember that the Larva Augment was designed to suit for quicker missions, where you don't really have time to make stacks, so I had the same idea for Parasitic Link

My idea was for missions where you have to move, & not stand in one room, like Extermination, Hive, or even Hijack:

Upon using Nidus' 3 on an enemy, it will not gives you a damage resistance, but will instead infest the target & transform it into a minion that attacks for you

I just find the idea really cool, & I guess your minion could serve as a distraction, but if it also deals enough damage, could actually be pretty useful, & even do the opposite of my original idea & help you build stacks even faster?

Idk, it was just an idea that I had in bed so, just tell me what you think

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1 hour ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

Enemy minions have always proven to be lackluster. Their best uses are whatever utility they may come with like Shadow of the Dead’s augment.

I’m sorry but giving Nidus a minion making augment just feels like a waste.

The purpose is to be used in quick missions, that's why I thought of this

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