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WTS 15 Budget Rivens, incl. Gaze, Rattleguts, Tigris, Corinth, and more!

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15 budget rivens for your consideration, most unrolled/low rolls:




Boltace: 250p
Caustacyst: 150p
Dread: 350p
Dual Cestra: 200p
Gaze: 350p
Grakata: 400p
Gunsen: 285p
Kohmak: 100p
Nikana: 325p
Rattleguts: 400p
Sybaris: 300p
Tigris: 400p
Torid: 350p
Twin Grakatas: 150p
Corinth: 600p 

PM okay_pufferfish for questions and offers, or respond in the comments!

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