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FORTUNA : Capture Base BUG!!!!


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Yeah, Okay i can get Datamass from the enemies but when i got into the last phase of capturing base then i got stuck on that part.. I cant get any other missions and even finishing it. I didnt make a problem to think of at first.. coz all i do is to avoid capturing base but many Updates happen and then HEIST mission came up.. so this is the time for me to report this BUG the CAPTURING BASE..  

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killed all mobs no datamass drop , option is wait for respawn or request

killed mobs from other defense area drop datamass, dont work on the quest defense area 

no timer shown

timer runs out still not base is not captured, most common thing everytime i do phase 1

timer runs out killed all the last remaining mobs with red indicator capture based and not progressing to defend drone can talk to the base npc for normal solaris quest


this is what ive gathered so far, from doing a couple runs everyday on phase 1

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