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Several Fortuna Items in Inventory...


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Hello! Long-time PC player here. Master Founder. Blah blah.

I encountered a bug where I seem to have access to several Fortuna items on the Switch version, despite that content being unavailable as of this posting. These items are...

- Fortuna fishing spear.
- Fortuna fishing bait.
- A kitgun that I bought with platinum.
- Several set mods, (Synth and Tek)

I'm not sure what can be done about this. Is there a script that can be run that hides these items from my inventory? Is it fine that I have access to them, so long as I don't use them until the proper update(s) go out on the platform? Is it totally okay for me to use them, regardless?

I've included some screenshots taken from my Switch and posted to Facebook via the sharing button on my console.





Thanks, and have a great Christmas! =D

- 2br02b, 2018

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I went into a solo run and can confirm that the kitguns work properly, although my tombfinger sounded weird. Future prime access items also appear, and worked fine for me in solo. 
(the first time I equipped mesa prime, the arsenal crashed and I was stuck in it, but after restarting it was fine.) I'm afraid of trying the Fortuna mods, as they have rather unique effects.

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