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Switchable Graphics Doesn't


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I have a DELL Latitude E6440 laptop, which is a serious business laptop, that has switchable graphics - an Intel HD Haswell iGPU, and a Radeon HD 8690M dGPU. In previous versions of the game (Fortuna), it would jump over to the dGPU correctly. Since the Mesa Prime update, the game ignores, or perhaps, doesn't register with the AMD driver, so it runs on the iGPU regardless of my settings. Normally, I have the settings in the graphics switcher to always use the dGPU for Warframe in particular. The Launcher uses the dGPU just fine, but the game itself doesn't. Note that I set both the launcher (launcher.exe) and the game (warframe.x64.exe) to use the dGPU. OS is Windows 10 x64 1809.

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