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Nyx: QOL updates that I'd like to see


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With the Nyx changes out I've been back in love with her. To say having a friendly bombard at 1500% damage bonus roaming around as my personal body guard is... pretty #*!%ing awesome (as long as its like, under level 50). 
However, there are some slight QOL changes that I think can be the final changes that would make her a much better frame to play as, and with.

Mind Control:

  • Mind Controlled enemies shouldn't stop defence points from ending. Its really annoying to wait for a Nyx to kill her dude, and having a powerful dude who spawns at the end of the round carry over to the start of the next would be pretty neat.
  • Augment change. Her current augment doesn't really augment anything with her recent changes. A flat 500% on top of what she already has isn't that inventive and takes up the slot where a much cooler augment could be. 
  • Damage buff conversion effected by ability strength. Being only Nyx can buff her new friend, but, having 4 buffs would be a bit insane, having it scale a bit off ability strength would be a nice buff so we can push nyx into end-game viability. 

Psychic Bolts:

  • Be re-castable without sacrificing current debuffs. Being able to top up back to 6 enemies Debuffed without having to hold 2 to reset and re-cast would be a great QOL change, as currently managing it is an annoying amount of steps.
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Tho I do think her pet AI should be able to bypass defence I found that the augment isn't an issue as I found she doesn't need much mods in the first place 1 strength mod, 1 efficiency mod, 1-2 duration mods, primed flow, and doesn't really need range mods while the rest of the slots feel really free choice compared to most other frames build. As for psychic Bolt I guess it would be nice but either building negative duration, natural talent, or bringing a aoe weapon solved the issue for me no problem and it just feel like its a high skill, high reward keeping track of yur bolts ability in my opinion. 

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