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Question for the PC players with your advanced patches...



I read PC notes and watch dev streams but im on console so I just put that stuff out of my mind until it actually drops.  So usually I forget everything i read or saw lol 

Somewhere I saw that they were going to let beast mods get used on robots,  specifically beast LINK mods.  Do you guys on PC have that yet??   

I realized Synth Deconstruct/Fiber can make a pretty combo for you and your pet.  The one will make enemies hurt by your sentinel have a 25% chance to drop HP orbs,  the other grants your sentinel armor when they pick up orbs.  And then you can also use HP conversion on any warframe with a robot pet to get tons of armor now to..  I've already used it and its kinda cool.  

I really want those LINK mods on my robots though cuz they are weak as hell without it.  

Im right on the verge of switching back to using my Wyrm... but man I really cant fathom the idea of giving up the pack leader+hunter recovery combo for beasts.  whenever one of you melee's an enemy it heals your pet or vice versa.   Robots having a dumb regen mod (thats hard to get and well beyond most newbs for a very long time,  Sedna??).  Beasts have a regen mod to....   Hunter's recovery kicks the crap out of it.  


Ok there is a mod that says when you pick up an HP orb you also get energy right?  Pathogian or something.   Zenurik focus school's first node says if you pick up an energy orb it grants extra energy regen for X seconds....     Do those two things work together.   If so.....your Synth Decon robot could heal you, give you tons of armor, and almost infinite energy ???  lol.  


I guess I will ask this while im at it also......

I see 3 new robot weapons at fortuna.  One is a freeze beam.   Is it way better than Atterax??  What about the others?? There was a fire beam one and I think the other was electric??  Im super curious what their stats are...    

I always see people asking for Heavy Calibur mod in trade,  funny enough I was helping a dude who had never ran a vault and we got one.   I ignored it for a ittle bit but while I was playing with my Deth Rifle or whatever I saw it in the mod list...  haha anything to make my Deth Rifle stronger!!!     But the nice thing about those beam weapons is that its super easy to see where the nearest enemy is lol.   

Oxylus said it takes two slots, does it come with one of those beams ???  I got about 14 hours left on mine.   Just start building it yesterday and I also built my first K-drive!!

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There's a lot of questions here, so I'll try to tackle them in order.

1. Does PC have link mods for robots yet?

2. There is a mod that gives you health when you pick up energy, right?
Yes, it's called Equilibrium.

3. Does Equilibrium work with Zenurik's energy regen after picking up an energy orb?
Yes, both will apply, but it doesn't give you health regen if that's what you're thinking.

4. Is the Cryotra better than the Atterax?
It's hard to compare a cold beam to a slashing whip, but I'd say the Atterax is much better.

4.1 Is the Cryotra better than the Artax?
Yes. The Artax is mastery fodder.

5. What are the stats of the new robot weapons?
You can find those on the wiki if you're so curious.

6. Does the Oxylus come with one of the new robot weapons?
No, it comes with its own weapon like every other sentinel.

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29 minutes ago, (PS4)AbBaNdOn_IGN said:

Oxylus said it takes two slots, does it come with one of those beams ???

Oxylus just like other sentinels occupy two slots, 1 for themselves 1 for their weapon. Just like other sentinels Oxylus has it's own weapon. Moas come with a placeholder weapon which you can't see I think and then you equip them with one of the three. People seem to favor the ice beam. I also enjoyed atterax's ice beam back in the day but haven't tried the new one. I personally don't use pets because the kubrow and kavat rolls are utterly crap. I used to farm eggs and gene codes but after getting the exact same kavat with tail, face, ears, color, type and gender and had the same DE style luck(!) with kubrows I just said f**k it. So I'm not familiar with pet mods too much.

As far as I've seen though mods have "companion" "sentinel" "robotic" "beast" and some of them have specific names like "Carrier" written on them. Synth set mods reads "sentinel" Mecha set's mods read "kubrow", Tek reads "kavat" so I don't think you can use those on other types of companions but the ones that read "companion" should be used on both sentinels, moas and pets. Robotic probably only sentinel and moa, beast ones only on kubrow helminth and kavat etc.

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Synth Fiber is a good Mod to use for Carrier Prime because with Metal Fiber, it got 300 Armor so with Synth Fiber after you picked up a Health Orb, it would get 600 Armor. With the Sentinel’s Health Mod,it makes Carrier Prime a tank. That mod is one of the reasons why i use my Carrier Prime more often (Sacrifice + Primed Regen, and Ammo Case is the second reason). I don’t know how effective Synth Fiber would be with other Sentinels. There’s a mod for Kavats that gives it a 60% chance to resist Lethal Damage and make it invincible for 6 seconds. When you combine that with Medi - Pet Kit, your Kavat would have a alternative to Oberon’s Phoenix Renewal. 

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