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Mesa 2&3 making frame vulnerable in operator mode


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I wasn't sure if this belonged in this part of the forum but wasn't quite sure where to stick this one.

Anyway, I'm fairly sure this was not this way before but I also didn't see it in the patch notes either (although there were a lot I tried to do a quick skim and search first.) What's happening is, I know some frames out there, stay partially vulnerable while in operator mode, usually because maybe they're exuding some kind of aura that gives a benefit to everyone near them, or they damage everyone near them or something, etc etc. Oftentimes by channeled abilities that cost energy upkeep to stay on, but maybe not always?

I only just am noticing this, but I imagine it went in with Mesa Prime, while I do play a lot of Mesa I haven't as much the last week or two. I noticed that both her #2 and 3 powers both are triggering this vulnerability now. I'm not sure this was intended or maybe internally, some powers got tweaked for Mesa Prime in the code that went back to regular and it got missed, or maybe it was intentional, I dunno, I couldn't find a patch note about it.

Either way wanted to report it. Personally I don't think this nerf should stick around, Most of the time I've seen this vulnerability with powers thing, it's because you left something powerful running that would make it extremely overpowered to be used unchecked while being untouchable. In Mesa's case I don't really think that's the case, it jams a few weapons nearby, I suppose technically shooting gallery does cycle a damage buff around on your party, but #3 is just a reflection buff mostly used so people don't get their face wrecked, if you were invulnerable in operator mode, there'd be no reason for it to be up it's damage isn't anything special to write home about of course. But yeah, didn't see any changes to that so thought I'd report it

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