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Warframe crashing on launch


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So i've been playing warframe for the best part of 5 years, and recently updated a few parts of my system (namely CPU, motherboard and RAM) to try stick with the times. currently running a 1600x and 8 gigs, but still using my old HD7970. Anyway, the problem is a few of my games have stopped working when transferring from w7 to w10 and this new rig, warframe being one of the only 2 i have yet to rectify. the game seems to crash upon clicking the play button, no matter what version of directX i pick. i also cannot enable the 64bit mode, since it just tells me the "update has failed, try again!" at which point i restart the client, where it's turned itself off again. i'm not sure what else to do, since i've reinstalled both warframe and steam all over again to try solve the issue.

WAR-2130821 is the bug code i was given

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17 minutes ago, moester_ said:

i also cannot enable the 64bit mode

Have you made sure that you have a 64 bit OS?


Did you copy stuff directly to the new setup? If so, some games have issues with the settings files “remembering” the previous specs and failing to work. Moving the EE.cfg file out of the folder could fix it.

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my OS is 64bit yes, and i've moved the file out of i assume the appdata\local\warframe folder. launcher just creates a new one and i get the same issue. i also did a fresh reinstall of steam and warframe to specifically avoid this issue. is it worth deleting the whole warframe folder from appdata?



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