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Mastery 24 Test


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I've made a post on this before, as I practiced the MR24 test back when I first hit MR23. Now I'm qualified for MR24 and about to complete the test, though I did another practice run.

The Mastery 24 test is STILL bugged, though it seems to be less broken. I started out with 250 health and no Amp equipped. I can access all Void powers (Beam, Blast, Cloak, and Dash) on a shared power bar, as before we had Amps, and I have no Focus school Ways active. I can also hold Shift to Sprint. I cannot, however, tap Shift to slide - this is problematic, but I was able to work around it since all my Void powers now work (I can use Blast to handle the maggots now - This was not the case a couple months ago).
So aside from not being able to slide, it all seems to be working now.

Unless I fail an attempt. The test gives you 3 total attempts. When I fail the first attempt, I come back... with my Amp equipped. The Target has not reset, meaning all my progress is still there. My powers all still work, but now Beam is on it's own energy pool thanks to the Amp. My Focus school is still inactive, and I can now tap Shift to slide.
Having my Amp completely trivializes the encounter.

It seems the INTENT here is to make us work with the base Void powers without dying. I don't know if the slide maneuver is meant to be included, but it frankly should - pretty sure that was around before Amps. So the bug seems to be when we fail our first attempt, we suddenly can use our Amp, and our progress is NOT reset (like it is on other tests with multiple attempts).

Unless... that is intended? I've yet to see a test that got easier as I failed.
Alternatively, maybe we ARE supposed to have Amp access?

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